The mission statement is achieved through the programmes of the University Foundation.

  • Incubator

    Financially supporting research projects, awarding doctoral scholarships, launching start-ups, contributing to their capital, making it possible to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses.

  • Educational Innovation

    Allowing the opening of training courses, specifically innovative training and training based on ICT.

  • Professional Integration

    Helping to finance actions aimed at improving the entry of students into the job market (alumni network, “job dating”, promotion sponsorships, etc.). The skills imparted are the motor for the future driving forces of organisations.

  • Scientific and Cultural Influence

    Supporting scientific mediation / promotion events (conferences, colloquia, seminars, competitions, My Thesis in 180, doctoral, etc.), supporting events which enable students to strengthen their cultural knowledge and share their identities (student week, UNC cultural season, etc.).

  • Student Mobility

    Ensuring that each student can benefit from outgoing mobility, at least in the Pacific, developed in their course at UNC.

  • Support for Future Doctoral Students

    Allowing more students to access doctoral studies as a result of funding obtained by the Foundation.