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Introducing ERALO

Eralo means “sing!” in Nengone, one of the 28 Kanak languages spoken in New Caledonia.

The ERALO (MobilitiEs, CRéation, LAnguages and IdeoLogies in Oceania) research team aims to describe, document, acknowledge, recognise and promote Oceanian languages and societies.

The scientific policy of the ERALO team is fully in line with the University’s third research focal point: assisting social and institutional evolution. It also is in line with the transversal focal point “diversity and plurality of environments”, relating to the strengthening of studies to be carried out on Oceanian languages and cultures, and finally, with the aim of enhancing the country’s bi/multilingualism.


Research Topics

The evolving ERALO team bases its research on four unifying themes.

  • Language and linguistic diversity
  • Ideology and deconstruction of knowledge
  • Creations and artistic mediation
  • Contemporary mobility and issues