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Introducing LARJE (EA 3329)

With a research team recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), the Laboratory of Legal and Economic Research (LARJE) bases its research on the attributes of the New Caledonian context.

Initially focused chiefly on legal research, the team’s work shifted its focus to the fields of economics, and more recently to management sciences. Today, the LARJE is the main New Caledonian research centre focusing on island law and economics. The research developed by the LARJE focuses on New Caledonian issues related to legal and human pluralism and the emancipation of the country. These themes aim to foster not only fundamental, but also applied research on the economic and legal aspects of populations and local policies related to human and industrial activities in New Caledonia.

The UNC was the driving force behind the creation of a Consortium for Research, Higher Education and Innovation in New Caledonia (CRESICA) which unites all research centres in New Caledonia. This shared project identifies areas that arise from local issues with the development objectives of building an eco-territory and increasing competitiveness. With this in mind, the LARJE’s research fields fall under the University’s third focal point – assisting social and institutional change, whose definition and objectives members of the LARJE actively contributed to.

Research Topics

The laboratory bases its research on two main areas of focus.

  • Natural, cultural diversity and legal pluralism
  • Legal and economic emancipation