Research in the Service of New Caledonia

In accordance with its role in the Nouméa Agreement (Article 4.1.1), the University caters to New Caledonia’s specific training and research needs. The University ensures effective support for the country’s development and responds to its specific needs.
Thus, the research at UNC is aligned with the strong characteristics of New Caledonia, which has a unique cultural, human, terrestrial and marine diversity. The stakes are therefore very high and can be translated in terms of knowledge, management, valuation, but also assistance, conservation, restoration, remediation or mitigation.
This local anchoring of research is also supported by solid regional and international cooperation as well as collaboration with partner institutions and universities.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

The characteristics of New Caledonia determine both specific areas of research (legal pluralism, teaching in a multilingual and diglossic context, the medicinal virtue of traditional pharmacopoeia, the impact of mining industry, etc.) and strong societal expectations (value of local cultures, problem of school failure, articulation of common law and customary law, environmental issues, etc.).

The Common Thread of Research

Research at the UNC has a common thread: “Valuing and accompanying the changes in the physical and living, social and institutional diversity of New Caledonia.” Fully in line with the objectives of the Consortium for Research, Higher Education and Innovation in New Caledonia (CRESICA), the common thread of research at the UNC interlaces the different disciplines around the fundamental issue of New Caledonian environments in the Pacific Region: human environment, social environment and natural environment.

The Key Focal Points for Research

  • Focal point I – Diversity and the pluralism of environments
  • Focal point II – Improving Health
  • Focal point III – Assist social and institutional change
    These UNC research areas clearly overlap with the objectives set by CRESICA and are applied by the university’s research teams.

Work Publication

In order to promote its work and strengthen its appeal, the UNC equipped itself with university presses in 2014. The only French-language presses in the Pacific, the University Presses of New Caledonia (PUNC) propose to contribute to the publishing of scientific works and journals.