Organisation of the Pacific Doctoral School

The Pacific Doctoral School (EDP) is a multidisciplinary doctoral school accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It is mutual to the universities of New Caledonia and French Polynesia, which jointly provide the leadership.

The EDP is managed by a council (including representatives from each of the two universities, research organisations, the socio-economic world and Doctorate students) which meets to define the focal areas of a common policy for the doctoral school and to monitor its implementation.


Each year at the UNC, the EDP organises about twenty conferences and thesis defences or habilitatations to supervise doctoral research, as well as events aimed at promoting research work to the general public: “My thesis in 180”, “Doctoriales”, etc.

Présentation de l’école doctorale du Pacifique


Yves Letourneur
University Professor of Marine Biology and Director of the UNC Branch of the Pacific Doctoral School

ico-tel   (+687) 290 385


Secretariat of the Pacific Doctoral School
ico-tel   (+687) 290 493
Doctoral Students Representatives
Ornella Lordy
Malik Oedin
« CaleDoc » Association of Doctoral Students
Chair: Malik Oedin