A Strategic Tool for the University

The University Foundation is a tool for strategic and innovative projects led by the UNC. It obtains funding to sustain developments at the university. The Foundation’s main ambition is to support the development of digital technology within the university infrastructure, particularly to enable the dissemination of knowledge throughout the country. Also fundamental to its concerns is facilitating and supporting doctoral studies. Thus, the foundation contributes to the convergence of the thematic needs expressed locally and the students undertaking a doctoral thesis.
Its values, embedded in those of the UNC, are reflected in its slogan: “Invest in the future”.

Coordination with the University

The Foundation raises the funding; the UNC executes the funded actions. Based on UNC development projects and associated funding needs, the University Foundation must ensure the definition and implementation of a fundraising strategy in accordance with the UNC’s standards. The University Foundation can also, during its process, collect information about the needs, expectations or wishes of the donors in order to assess with the UNC, the relevance and the potential benefit for the UNC.
The University Foundation coordinates the collection of private and public funds if the latter allows a better image for the public donor.


In 2016, several patrons joined the University Foundation:
Atos Bull, Ph. Bernigaud et A. Bergeot – Notaires associés, Bluescope Steel, D&S Legal, l’OPT, Skazy, etc.

If you wish to become a patron, contact the UNC communications department:

UNC Communications Department
ico-tel   290 052
ico-mail   communication@unc.nc