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Available Accommodation

The Student House, in partnership with CLC and UNC, manages admission or readmission commissions for university halls of residence. It also manages resident reception and the presence of surveillance officers.

Residence 500

The large university hall of residence that has 540 beds either in studios or 3-bedroom apartments.

Seaside Residence

This residence has 108 individual rooms that has toilets, a collective kitchen, and a common room.

Housing Beneficiaries

Housing is allocated primarily to students whose families have limited resources. However, all students from New Caledonia who are taking a course of study or training (UNC, BTS, EGC, etc.) can register. Students of foreign nationalities may also qualify under certain conditions.

Criteria and Formalities

All students in New Caledonia can apply for a hall of residence.
Applications are reviewed by a commission which allocates rooms based on several criteria (level of the scholarship, distance from the family home, personal situation, merit, etc.). The selected student signs a lease with CLC which includes the terms of the rental agreement (rates, charges, duration, etc.). Entry into a hall of residence is also conditional on the student’s acceptance to comply with their rules of procedure.

Application File

To apply for accommodation, students must complete a housing request application on the student portal of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research and Innovation.
The application must be submitted to the Student House between August and October of the year before the start of the academic year.

Moving into the Accommodation

As it is possible to move into the accommodation in January, students are invited to submit their applications with the Student House as soon as possible.

Territorial Housing Assistance

To qualify for Territorial Housing Assistance (ALT), students must apply to the Social Housing Fund (FSH) which allocates assistance should the student meet the eligibility criteria.

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