Objectives of the Equal Opportunity Mandate

Building on the charter of equal opportunities between women and men (Conference of University Presidents, 2013), the University of New Caledonia undertakes, in accordance with the Education Code (art. L 121 -1), to “promote equal opportunities and equality between men and women” and establish an equal opportunities charter for the university.

The main areas of work and action are designed to:

  • promote equal opportunities in the development of professional careers and student courses.
  • develop awareness-raising actions on gender equality.
  • strengthen research and training in gender studies.

Its actions are linked to the CPED (Permanent Conference of Equality and Diversity Managers for Higher Education and Research Institutions) and local participants.


Examples of actions already carried out at the UNC.

  • International Women’s Day

As part of International Women’s Day, the UNC organised a day of scientific, educational and cultural events open to the general public on the university campus. The goal was to raise awareness, discuss and encourage thinking on the position of women and men in society. The first edition of this day, entitled “Univers aux Féminins”, took place on March 8, 2017.

  • Debates, conferences and videos

“Gender equality and parity, a reality? (March 29, 2017) “,” The Tour de France of Gender Equality in Noumea “(September 6, 2017), etc.


“Project Crocodiles” is a comic strip exhibition about common place sexist harassment that is derived from real experiences. In 2018, a dozen large format posters, designed by the artist Thomas Mathieu, were displayed in the main reception area of the UNC. Talks were also held at various locations on campus throughout the day thanks to the University’s student ambassadors. Objectives: to challenge students and encourage exchanges using the images of sexist crocodiles as a starting point.

  • Exhibition

In 2019, for International Women’s Day, the focus was on women’s freedom of expression and their rights. An exhibition entitled “The Tip of the Pencil, Women’s Rights: Caricatures, Cartoons and Freedom of Expression” was organised and presented for a week throughout the campus.

  • Research work

Work carried out by several researchers from the UNC research teams falls into the themes of the equal opportunity mandate.


Project Manager
Séverine Ferrière
MCF in Education Sciences
Graduate School of Teaching and Education