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Introducing ISEA (EA 7484)

With around thirty professor-researchers, the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences (ISEA) is the largest French-speaking pure sciences centre in the Pacific. It is the result of the fusion of the three laboratories within the Department of Science and Technology at the UNC.

The strength of this research team, which is certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (host team 7484), comes from the fact that it brings together several academic fields (mathematics, geology, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science) with the aim of providing knowledge on global and complex issues such as environmental and sustainable development issues or climate change. ISEA thus addresses topics of regional, national and international interest.


The aim of the new interdisciplinary scientific project is to understand the functioning and evolution of the terrestrial and coastal environment in tropical surroundings, whether under natural or human-made coercion. Understanding complex tropical systems and their dynamics in the face of global change, requires specific, interdisciplinary skills, an ability to develop long-term in-situ observation methods, as well as calculation and storage capabilities allowing modeling systems and simulations of their evolution. New Caledonia, a location with very strong biodiversity, is an ideal site for the study of tropical environments.


Research topics

This project proposes three themes:

Theme A: Process, interface flow, and assessment

Theme B: Remediation, restoration, and valuation

Theme C: Observation, modeling, and simulation