Student Centre for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship

PEPITE NC is the student centre for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship expanded throughout New Caledonia by the University of New Caledonia, the Vice-Rector of New Caledonia, ADECAL – Technopole and by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New Caledonia. As founding members, these institutions are involved in propagating the entrepreneurial culture within their networks. PEPITE NC is one of 30 certified PEPITE and the third overseas centre after those on Reunion Island and in the French West Indies.

Missions of PEPITE NC

To raise awareness and train as many students, or former students, as entrepreneurs:

  • to develop the culture of entrepreneurship for the creation and / or purchase of businesses in all forms.
  • to strengthen the links between higher education and the economic framework.
Student-Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E)
  • A training proposal dedicated to business creation: e-marketing, business planning, business financing, strategy, etc.
  • Extension of student benefits: scholarships, social security, health insurance, etc.
National Student-Entrepreneur Status

Benefits of the status:

  • Double support (1 teaching tutor + 1 professional tutor)
  • Networking (dedicated web platform + network of PEPITE clusters)
  • Equipment (access to a co-working space and a Fablab)
  • Funding (aid for regional and international competitions)
  • Study adaptation (replacement of the internship or end of study project by the business creation project)

Partner Network

Bringing together economic, institutional and associative players, as well as professionals to support business creation, this community is mobilised to assist the student entrepreneurs. Partners can join PEPITE NC at any time according to their choice and their possibility of getting involved in the network.


University of New Caledonia