Since 2018, the university has accommodated a Centre for Research and Innovative Teaching. A melting pot of innovation, these premises are known as Sigma and host “high technology” infrastructure and equipment.

An Investment in the Future

The overall cost of this centre is 1.8 billion CFP, of which 47% is UNC capital and the rest is funded by the French State, the Government of New Caledonia, the three provinces (via the Contract for State / inter-community development) and OPT.

The Main Infrastructures

Research Centre

  • Technical and scientific premises
  • An electron microscopy platform (TEM/ SEM)
  • A security laboratory
  • High-tech analysis equipment (X-ray diffractometer, laser, chromatography equipment, atomic spectrometer, etc.)
  • The offices of the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences (ISEA)
  • ISEA’s technical platforms

Innovative Teaching Centre

  • Premises dedicated to the development of uses for digital education (Dune)
  • The central university library and its collaborative spaces (terrace, forum, patio)
  • A digital auditorium and its translation booth
  • An audio-visual production studio and the multimedia editing room
  • Collaborative teaching classrooms
  • The PEPITE NC space (student centre for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship)
  • Fac Lab

Présentation-synthétique-du-Pôle Sigma