Paths to Success for Students in New Caledonia

From the start of the 2019 school year, the traditional bachelor degrees completed over a three-year period offered by the University of New Caledonia were all split into degrees completed either in 2 ½ years or 5 semesters (TREC 5), or 3 ½ years or 7 semesters (TREC 7). This new bachelor’s degree proposal is part of the TREC system.

TREC means “paths to success for students in New Caledonia”. This reform intended to establish a new organisation of the bachelor’s degree system. Objectives: to modulate the learning rhythms and to reinforce the support for the students who enrol in a degree course. This new approach was awarded support from the French State through the National Research Agency under the Investments for the Future program – reference ANR-18-NCUN-0022.

TREC: two possible courses (TREC 7 and TREC 5), for the same diploma made up of the same subjects:

  • TREC 7: the reference course, a bachelor’s degree in 7 semesters with a consolidation of skills and specific assistance.
  • TREC 5: an intensive course over 5 semesters (based on a preparatory class model) for students with a strong personal work capacity.


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