A Development Tool for Training and Research

The University of New Caledonia (UNC) is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution under the supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The university is a major driver for the development of New Caledonian youth and contributes to the broadening of knowledge through research and intellectual influence.

The Missions of the University



To train future executives and managers of New Caledonia

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Contribute to the expansion of knowledge through research
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International and

Participate in intellectual influence and promote mobility
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Strong Involvement in the Development of New Caledonia

As the main performer in higher education and research, the UNC is a tool for the development, construction and rebalancing of New Caledonia. With a unique institutional legitimacy stemming from the Noumea Agreement, the university “must meet the training and research needs specific to New Caledonia” (article 4.1.1). Consequently, it aims to support the country’s developments in the field of training (generalist, professional and continuing), scientific research and to contribute to its regional integration.

Shared Values

The values that are cultivated within the establishment are openness, ambition, integrity, innovation, excellence and youth development through training. They guide the actions and the development of the university and are echoed in the university’s slogan: “Build, transmit, radiate”.


The multiannual report below is the result of collective action carried out within the university community and its partners to advance the UNC in training, research and the outreach of New Caledonia.