The University Presses of New Caledonia (PUNC) are under the responsibility of the President of the University and they are managed by the Vice-President of the Scientific Council.

Composition of the Editorial Board

In accordance with the statutes of the University Presses of New Caledonia, each project is examined by an editorial committee constituted of:

  • Ex officio members: The President of the University, the Vice-President of the Scientific Council, the collection directors, the Director of the Pacific Doctoral School, a representative of the team directors of each major scientific field, nominated by the latter;
  • Permanent invited guests: Editorial Coordinator, department directors, the director of General Services or their representative,
  • The accounts officer or their representative, the library director, the communications director,
  • Invited guests: Director of Support for Research, Outreach and Doctoral Studies.

This committee reviews proposals, sets priorities and identifies scientific referees for opinion and is required to meet at least three times a year.

Françoise Cayrol | Editorial Coordinator

ico-tel   (+687) 290 475