Internet on Campus

Each student receives a personal login and a password to access the Internet on campus. This login allows you to connect to student WIFI from your personal computer. Public computers are available in the libraries.

Students and Staff WIFI

All UNC students and staff receive a login and password to access the WIFI network entitled “UNC”.

Public WIFI

WIFI access cards are also available to visitors through the Student House and the Central Library. They work wherever there is WIFI on campus. The network used is called “Blue Wave”.

Digital Work Environment

The Digital Work Environment (ENT) is a secure extranet dedicated to UNC staff, teachers and students. This platform gives them access to digital resources and tools related to their activities.

Multi-Service Card

The Sup’ Etudiant Card is a multi-service card that validates student status. It is distributed when finalising the administrative registration process.

multiservice cardIt replaces a ticket at the university restaurant or cafeteria.

It allows you to print your certificates of enrolment and photocopy quotas.

It incorporates an electronic wallet that allows you to pay for meals, photocopies, prints.

It also provides proof of presence at lectures and evaluations.

It allows documents to be borrowed from the Central Library and the ESPE library.

It controls access to certain teaching and research facilities.