The University of New Caledonia (UNC) is a multidisciplinary university present in New Caledonia. It was created in 1987 under the name French University of the Pacific, in reference to the unique entity it then constituted with French Polynesia.
In 1999 the university became independent of French Polynesia and became the University of New Caledonia.

Key Dates


Creation of the University Centre of New Caledonia (French University of the Pacific – French Polynesia and New Caledonia).


Creation of the University of New Caledonia.
Following the decree of 31 May 1999, the UNC became a scientific, cultural and professional public institution in its own rights. The Noumea Agreement of 5 May 1988, Article 4.1.1 states that the ‘university must meet the training and research needs specific to New Caledonia’.


University Institute for Teacher Education (IUFM) is integrated into the UNC. The Graduate School of Teaching and Education (ESPE) was created in 2015.

2009 – 2011

The University campus emerges.
With the financial support of the French State and the New Caledonian local councils, the UNC is preparing to open a large consolidated training and research complex in Nouville for the start of 2012. The opportunity to welcome athletes for the 2011 Pacific Games in Nouville accelerated the decision-making process for the necessary infrastructures: gymnasium, 500-unit residence, ’Maison de l’étudiant’ (student union), teaching buildings.


Inauguration of the consolidated university campus.
The start of the 2012 academic year saw the official inauguration of the university campus where more than 3,000 people come together every day, making Nouville the most important training centre in New Caledonia. Student life is developing there thanks to the many facilities and services available.

  • Inauguration of the University Institute of Technology (IUT).
  • Inauguration of the only electron microscopy platform in New Caledonia.
  • Signature of a partnership with the Northern Province of New Caledonia for the opening of a university branch in the Koné region, for the development of training and specific research projects.

Launch of the construction of the Digital and Technological Group (PNT – Pôle numérique et technologique).


30th anniversary of the UNC