Primary Teacher Training

Exam and Competitive Exam Preparation Graduate School of Teaching and Education (ESPE)

Starting in the 2020 school year, the Professional Master of Teaching, Education and Training (MEEF), primary level, is available in three paths: ‘general, bilingual English and Kanak languages.
This primary teacher training programme is unique thanks to its versatility and the transversal nature of its expertise.
This course focuses on the teaching of disciplines, knowledge of learning mechanisms, classroom conduct, methods of pedagogical differentiation and supporting students in difficulty and methods of evaluation in the classroom. The master’s degree allows the student to acquire the skills necessary to become a teacher in all disciplinary fields: mathematics, French, experimental sciences and technology, history, geography, history of the arts, visual arts, music education, moral and civic education, physical and sports education, foreign languages.
Research training allows an introduction to research practices related to one of these fields or around a cross-cutting issue.

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Primary Teacher Course
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