Degree in Languages, Literatures, Foreign and Regional Civilisations (LLCER), Oceanian Languages and Cultures

Bachelor’s Degree Department of Arts, Languages and Humanities

This degree programme falls within the language and educational policy defined by the Nouméa Agreement (1998), which states: “Kanak languages are, along with French, languages of instruction and culture in New Caledonia. Their place in education and the media must therefore be increased and be given careful consideration.” The course includes core units in linguistics and Oceanian languages and cultures, language sciences, Oceanian arts, oral literature, Pacific civilisations and human sciences. Cross-cutting teachings mean that the student can personalise their educational journey. The subjects are adapted to the New Caledonian context and the student can acquire a varied general knowledge about the country: (socio)linguistic context, artistic expressions, legal framework, etc.

The subjects offered in this course allow the students to : develop and strengthen their oral and written language skills in Kanak languages; become important point of contact capable of participating in the development and transmission of Oceanian languages and cultures; build a broad and solid skill set in language sciences as well as in the humanities, enabling an understanding and comparison of Oceania’s languages and cultures; and provides them with an essential basis for reflection on the evolution of Oceanian languages and cultures and on the acquisition and learning of languages.

Secretariat of the Arts, Languages and Humanities Department

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