Bachelor of Natural and Life Sciences

Bachelor’s Degree Department of Science and Technology

The Bachelor of Natural and Life Sciences combines the different fields of biology, biochemistry complemented with ecology lessons, geology and other scientific disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, that are used in field applications.

English is taught at every level throughout this degree and can be supplemented by individual activities at UNC’s Language Resource Centre. Statistics lessons are also provided to supplement the students’ needs, especially should they decide to continue after graduation with a master’s degree. Digital tools are strengthened to cater for the requirements in the techniques of data and information processing.

In addition, a significant proportion of the teaching of this degree (nearly 60%) is provided in the form of practical work (TP) and tutorials (TD). The tutorials focus on actual cases studied in UNC research laboratories.

This method of work allows the student to gradually become proficient in both basic and applied research.

Secretariat of the Science and Technology Department

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