University Diploma in Languages, Oceanian Cultures and Learning

University Diploma (DU) Department of Continued Education (Lifelong Learning)

The objectives of this course are multiple:

  • to understand the philosophical, political, economic, educational and psycho-pedagogical issues of multilingual education.
  • to equip teachers with theoretical and practical tools to implement communication methods in language teaching.
  • to equip teachers with theoretical and practical tools to enable them to benefit from and reinforce these methodologies and the tools implemented.

The key preferred means of learning for this course is the practice analysis. The course aims to work on representations about key concepts that define the content of the study units.

    • For the population: increasing the level of teachers’ skills, academic success, prevention of illiteracy, development of additive bilingualism.
    • For sustainable development: preservation, transmission and enhancement of New Caledonia’s linguistic and cultural heritage.


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