Master of Civilisations, Cultures and Societies, Oceanian and Pacific Studies

Master's Degree Department of Continued Education (Lifelong Learning)

This master’s degree in humanities and social sciences is an extension of UNC’s literature or languages degrees. The two-year master’s degree is made up of nine teaching units and allows the students to gain in-depth knowledge of the contemporary issues faced by Oceania’s civilisations and cultures (geopolitics, sustainable development policies, institutional and economic systems, etc.), Oceanian knowledge (customs, linguistic and cultural plurality, etc.), myths, anthropology and sociology of education, societal changes, the history of ideas and systems in the Pacific, etc.
These courses are supplemented by operational modules to train students in academic research, the production of scientific writings and papers, and the preparation of their dissertations.
This master’s degree prepares students for further doctoral studies, notably at the Pacific Doctoral School at UNC. It also prepares them to pursue diverse careers in international organisations, the public service, museums, publishing, translation, specialised journalism, or culture.


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