Degree in History

Bachelor’s Degree Department of Arts, Languages and Humanities

This degree provides comprehensive history teaching while ensuring extensive general knowledge tailored to the Pacific region. The first year of study includes combined lectures with the geography section and Oceanian languages and cultures section, where the student becomes familiar with the specificities of the fields of history and geography. After that, a progressive specialisation is proposed for the remainder of the programme, which offers students different courses based on their training choices, preferences and career objectives. The student can therefore opt for a course containing more history or more geography. At the end of their studies, the student will have to make a choice between a history degree or a geography degree.

The History degree provides the theoretical foundations for the four major periods (antiquity, the middle ages, modern and contemporary times). About one-third of the teachings relate to the Pacific, which is an exception in the French academic world and is unique to the UNC’s history degree. This course places emphasis on the methodology of the human sciences, speaking skills, writing skills for reports and even files. A significant part of the course also deals with the history of art and museology.

The entire programme reflects on themes and concerns specific to the Pacific Islands region and New Caledonia, while providing lessons concerning metropolitan France and the rest of the world, thus giving the student the possibility to continue their studies in mainland France or in another country for those who so desire.

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