Teaching professions require 5 years of study after high school graduation. It has recently become necessary for all teachers to have a master’s degree. Preparation for both the teaching competitive examinations and vocational training takes place in the Graduate Schools of Teaching and Education, which are part of the university.
The primary schoolteacher teaches from kindergarten to fifth grade (ages 3-10 approximately). They must have passed the School Teacher Recruitment Competitive Examination (CRPE) while the secondary school teacher is a specialist in one or two disciplines and must have successfully passed one of the national competitions for secondary education (CAPES, CAPLP or CAPET).
The teaching competitive examinations (for primary and secondary levels) are accessible at the end of the first year of the master’s degree course. In the second year of the master’s (M2), the laureates complete a part-time internship in a school or an educational institution as a trainee with responsibility while continuing their training at the ESPE.

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MEEF (1) 1st degree

Course • General
• Bilingual English
• LCK (Kanak Languages and Culture)


MEEF(1) 2st level
• EPS pathway
• History, geography
• LVE (English - Spanish)
• Mathematics
• Modern Languages
• Physics, Chemistry
• SVT (Natural and Life Sciences)
MEEF(1) 2nd degré

Consolidation and
development of knowledge
(continuing education)

MEEF(1) Training practices
and engineering

Training educators
to achieve educational succes
s in Oceania
(continuing education)

+3 School Teacher Training

Bachelor's degree

Bachelor's degree "Teaching in the 1st Degree/ Primary"

(1) MEEF : Teaching, Education and Training Professions

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