Séminaire public « Ecology of sea snakes in New Caledonia »

Le 18 mars 2022 de 13h à 14h
Amphi Guy Agniel
Campus de Nouville

Ouvert à toutes et à tous (dans la limite des places disponibles), il aura lieu en amphi Guy Agniel et sera animé par le Professeur Richard Shine (Professeur émérite en biologie à Macquarie University, Sydney).


Sea snakes are important predators in coral-reef ecosystems, but research on these organisms has been discouraged by logistical issues. Abundance and accessibility of turtle-headed sea snakes in the bays beside Noumea have enabled detailed longterm studies on these snakes, providing the first detailed population-level information on any sea snake species. Additionally, collaboration with citizen scientists has expanded our understanding of the larger sea snake species, and has facilitated facilitated radiotelemetry-based research on larger sea snake species that utilise the bays for foraging and mate-searching.


Mots clés : Hydrophiine, snake, reef, behaviour, ecology


Rick Shine is an Australian biologist who has published more than a thousand scientific papers on the ecology and evolution of reptiles and amphibians, and has received many national and international awards. For the last 20 years he has been conducting mark-recapture and radiotelemetry studies on sea snakes in the Noumea area, collaboratively with Claire Goiran.

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Le 18 mars 2022 de 13h à 14h

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